Revolutionizing Osteoporosis Diagnosis Through Artificial Intelligence converts standard x-rays into a powerful point-of-care diagnostic tool while using advanced network analytics to build better models for Osteoporosis fracture risk assessment and deliver accurate data driven value for health systems, payers, and platform partners. is a technology spin off of publicly traded European digital imaging company that provides an FDA cleared, automated osteoporosis screening technology clinically shown to identify patients at high risk for costly hip1 and vertebral fractures.

The company was formed in part to deploy to the US market this clinically proven technology while developing next generation screening capabilities with Artificial Intelligence developed with major academic institutions and technology partners

  1. Digital X-ray radiogrammetry of hand or wrist radiographs can predict hip fracture risk—a study in 5,420 women and 2,837 men; M. L. Wilczek & J. Kälvesten & J. Algulin & O. Beiki & T. B. Brismar; Eur Radiol (2013) 23:1383–1391 DOI 10.1007/s00330-012-2706-9